New InternSathi Employer Pricing & Package (Free + Paid) 2022.

Are you an HR  or a startup founder? Are you planning to hire a passionate intern for your company? Confused about InternSathi Employer Pricing & Package? Are you unable to get a good CV from the candidate or receive a few CVs for the position? Are you finding it hard to align the CV with the job description? Haven’t hired any interns before, and don’t have experience working with interns before. 

Now companies can hire an intern with high confidence with us. We will help you through the process, from reviewing the job description to finally hiring the best candidate. All the processes within this will be sorted out by us. We at InternSathi guarantee that now intern hiring will be the easiest task ever made possible by us. 

With nearly a year of experience assisting companies in hiring interns and working with 100+ companies in the last 11 months for 200+ position hiring, We came here to make hiring easier and quicker for employers. From building a community of nearly 10K members on Facebook and 1200+ registered users on the website to having 2K+ subscribers on the email newsletter with a monthly reach of 50K+ on the Facebook Page & 75K+ reach on the Facebook Community and 20K+ page views on the website, we can help you with needed internship hiring. 

InternSathi Employer Pricing and Package (2022)

From charging to post an internship on the website and page, we came to the conclusion that we will be making free internship listings on the website and will be charged for the value-added service taken from us during hiring candidates.

  • Free Internship Listing
  • Paid Internship Listing

Free Internship Listing at InternSathi

Now, employers can list an internship directly on our website without any cost and get access to our website features.

Employers need to follow some terms while posting free internships on InternSathi.

  1. Employers must create an employer profile and complete it by filling in all the required details.
  2. Employers are requested to post an internship with a full job description that will include all the information mentioned in the internship post.
  3. Employers need to give high priority to receiving CVs internally through the Internsathi internal applicant tracking system.
  4. If employers have their own ATS, then they can use external features to get applications.
  5. For receiving an application through mail or an external website, employers will need to update us about the number of applications and updates throughout the process through email.
  6. Employers need to share the Internsathi website link if you post on social media from your company account.
  7. After posting an internship on our website, it will go under review, so employees might need to wait for a maximum of one working day to get it approved.
  8. If you have an urgent hiring need, please email us so that we can fast-track the process.
  9. Feedback of candidates that are being rejected and hired so we can mail them.

Paid Internship Listing at Internship with Value Added Service

Fee: 1500/- NPR Per Post and Candidate

For Multiple Positions or Candidates: 1500 * (Post * Candidate)

If you have a requirement beyond the free internship listing, then this will be the game-changer affordable internship package for you. From the paid internship listing package, the employer can get more privileged access to our services. For the paid subscribers, we have some terms to be followed by them.

  • Employers have to create an employer profile and complete it by filling in all the required details.
  • Employers are requested to post an internship with a full job description that will include all the information mentioned in the internship post.
  • Regular updates of the hiring and screening.
  • Internship posting will be on reviewed after posting and will be given a high priority to review it.
  • Profile Completion and Job description information relevancy.

Features & Services on the basic of InternSathi Employer Pricing

As already mentioned, we have two packages for the employer to list and interns from internsathi. We have some basic features and premium options as per the package subscribed by employers. 

Free Internship Listing Features & Service

With over, some limitation employer will get almost basic features from this package. The features and services of the free internship listing are given below:

  • Free Internship listing,
  • Auto email to interested candidate,
  • Customer support between One working day,

Paid Internship Listing Features & Service

The employer will benefit from premium features, high privileges, and priority access to our features and services. The features and services for the paid internship listing are listed below. 

  • Instant Internship Post Approval
  • Access to Pool of candidates (Limited As per need)
  • Help in Level 1 shortlisting.
  • Full Recruitment & Screening of interns by us (Extra Fee +1500/- NPR).
  • Urgent On-Demand Candidate Fulfilment
  • Premium Customer Support
  • Internship Post Featured, Promoted on website.
  • Candidate Replacement until satisfied.

Free Internship Listing VS Paid Internship Listing at InternSathi

Free Internship ListingPaid Internship Listing
No Charge for Internship listingMinimum of 1500/- Fee
Auto email to interested candidateAuto email to interested candidate
Post-approval within one working dayInstant Review and Approval
Customer support between One working dayPremium Customer Support
No access to the candidate poolAccess to Pool of candidates (Limited As per need)
Employer duty for shortlistingHelp in Level 1 shortlisting
No on-demand fulfilmentUrgent On-Demand Candidate Fulfilment
Only listing supportCandidate Replacement until satisfied
No Post Featured LabelPost Featured and Urgent Label
Terms & Condiditon:

We reserve the right to accept or decline the internship post as per its quality and type of position. We intend to make our portal free of scams and to provide high-quality content and posts with accurate information and complete transparency. Please email us at [email protected] or call us at +977-9814342980 for any queries.

Post an Internship now at internsathi.

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