How to Write The BEST Resume in 2022

Writing a resume is no walk in the park! It’s hard to know what employers are really looking for in a good candidate.

But instead of seeing it as a challenge, consider writing a resume as a process that will raise your chances of being selected.

Here are few tips that’ll help you:

1. Meet the job requirements

 If you can’t get this right, why are you even applying? Remember: this is the first thing a recruiter would do, don’t leave a bad impression.

2. Use relevant keywords

Look for role-specific words in the ad, job description, and person specification, and make sure your Resume includes as many of them as possible.

3. Show your worth

So, you have the right qualifications, great skills, and relevant experience? Great, meet the other 99 applicants. Show some added-value which makes them pick you for an interview.

4. Establish scale and context

Check what the employer actually wants and make it crystal clear you have that scale of experience. Try to quantify those points.

5. Tell an engaging story

Make your resume tell the story of your career to show this next role is perfect for both you and the employer.

Always remember, the recruiter simply wants to solve a problem and, if you understand what they want, you can be their solution

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