Best Guide About How To Post Internship At InternSathi in 2022.

How can you post internship at InternSathi? You’ll definitely want to know the ease in the detailed process of post internship at internsathi.


InternSathi is an Innovative platform that promotes internship opportunities through its platform.
InternSathi is an innovative platform for connecting freshers and companies to help freshers and quality internships and companies hire passionate interns.

We promote internship opportunities through our platform and create awareness for internship culture through our platform. We aim to be a one-stop solution for finding interns and internship opportunities for both companies and candidates with a hassle-free process.

Steps To Register/ Post internship at InternSathi

1.Sign up/ Login As Employer

  • If you have just landed on the site then your can register.
  • Or sign in with your respective credentials.
  • Visit your employer dashboard.
  • Complete the profile by filling in the required information that helps to verify your employer profile.

2.Navigate to Post a Job Section

  • Visit post a job on your employer dashbaoard.
  • Fill all the required information about the hiring postitions and descriptons with stipend.
  • Finish filling all details and submit it for review.

3. Visit Job Package at Footer Section to Subscribe the Internsathi Package

service package to post internship at InternSathi
  • Visit Job Package to Subscribe Internship Posting Package
  • Select the requied package between Basic and Silver.
  • Click Signup button to subscribe the package.
  • Enter the required billing details and billing adress.
  • Pay througn bank transfer, bank details will be mailed to your email adresses.

4. Internship Post live

  • Visit Dashboard
  • Navigate to manage jobs to check the status of internship your have posted.

5. Check Package Info

  • Navigate to Package sectionon your dashboard.
  • See the active package and expired package.
package purchased to post internship at InternSathi

Finally, you have posted the internship at internsathi. Now just wait to get the awesome applications onto your employer dashboard.

Start Getting Application for your position within few hours.

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