Best Guide: How to Apply for Internship from InternSathi (2022)

Any candidates looking to apply for internships from InternSathi can apply through an extremely easy and simple process. Before launching InternSathi Website candidates were able to apply for internships via google forms by uploading CV/ resume and Cover letters. But that was a tedious process for internsathi team. So we brought this website to track employers, make processes easy, and automate, all in one dashboard.

Steps to Apply for internship from InternSathi

Applying for internSathi is easy, first of all, a candidate needs to register on internsathi website as a candidate.

Step 1: Register/ Login as a candidate at

  1. Click on signup from navigation bar/ menu bar.
  2. Click on candidate.
  3. Enter username without space or gap between words(InternSathi or Intern_Sathi)
  4. Enter valid email address.
  5. Enter password
  6. Enter confirm password
  7. Enter phone number (check country code and country +977, Nepal)
  8. Select Sectors in which you are looking for internship (max sector select 10).
  9. Click on the check box after reading our Terms and Condition and Privacy Policy
  10. Click on Sign Up
  11. Note: Don’t login with Google while registering.

Step 2: Fill in all the details on My Profile

  1. You will be redirected to dashboard or click on my account on Navigation bar or menu bar
  2. Click on My Profile.
  3. Enter Full Name
  4. Check Email
  5. Select Date of Birth
  6. Check Phone Number
  7. Check sector
  8. Enter Job Title (In which position you are looking for intern)
  9. Select salary type
  10. Enter Salary/Stipend
  11. Fill candidate description (About yourself from Resume and Cover letter)
  12. Select Academic Level
  13. Select Age
  14. Select Gender
  15. Select Industry (Mail us if you don’t find your industry type – will will add them)
  16. Check Country
  17. Select State (Region Wise)
  18. Select City
  19. Enter Postal Code
  20. Enter Full Address
  21. Click on the check box after reading our Terms and Condition and Privacy Policy
  22. Click on Save Setting
  23. Note: Don’t skip the candidate description and write a minimum of one paragraph, i.e., more than 500 words.

Step 3: Fill in all the details on My Resume.

  1. Click on My Resume
  2. Type Cover Letter or Upload Cover Letter – (Max 1Mb) and allowed file types are (.pdf)
  3. Add or Select Skills
  4. Add Education (School, +2, Bachelor, Master)
  5. Add Experience (If any)
  6. Add portfolio (Upload images and links of your works)
  7. Add expertise
  8. Add language
  9. Add Hoors add Rewards (Extra Activities)
  10. Click on the check box after reading our Terms and Condition and Privacy Policy
  11. Click on Update Resume
  12. Note: Don’t skip the portfolio section; work at least one week to make one personal portfolio.

Step 4: Upload your CV/ resume on CV Manager.

  1. Click in CV Manager
  2. Upload Your CV – – (Max 1Mb) and allowed file types are (.pdf)
  3. Note: Don’t upload doc or docx file and file size above 1 mb.

Step 5: Check profile score and try to cross 95% Profile Score

  • Click on Complete Profile
  • Close the tab after checking to improve your profile suggestions. 
  • Complete it by visiting My Profile, My Resume, or CV Manager.
  • Note: Complete Your Profile and achieve a profile score of 95% or higher. 

Finally, after your profile is approved with the profile score of 95%, you can apply for an internship from InternSathi.

Finally, you are ready to apply for internship from InternSathi


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