Best Guide: How to Apply for Internship from InternSathi (2022)

Any candidates looking to apply for internships from InternSathi can apply through an extremely easy and simple process. Before launching InternSathi Website candidates were able to apply for internships via google forms by uploading CV/ resume and Cover letters. But that was a tedious process for internsathi team. So we brought this website to track employers, make processes easy, and automate, all in one dashboard.

Steps to Apply for internship from InternSathi

Applying for internSathi is easy, first of all, a candidate needs to register on internsathi website as a candidate.

Step 1: Register/ Login as a candidate at

Step 2: Subscribe the packages from the candidate package.

Step 3: Dashboard features will be unlocked after subscribing package.

Step 4: Fill in all the details on My Profile

Step 5: Fill in all the details on My Resume & save the resume.

Step 6: Download the resume from My Resume.

Step 7: Upload your downloaded resume on CV Manager.

Step 8: Check profile score and try to cross 90% Profile Score to Apply for internship from InternSathi.

Finally, you are ready to apply for internship from InternSathi

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